The vehicles delivered in Palma come to reinforce the commitment to cleaning with water that is carried out every year in summer. These vehicles work with GAS generated by the company itself, thus achieving a total optimization of resources as well as minimizing the carbon footprint generated by the use of this machinery.

On the part of Feniks, elements adapted to the needs of the area have been integrated, taking into account the hardness of the island’s water and the environmental salinity conditions that generate premature wear of the machinery. To this end, a special paint finish has been applied to all the metallic structures of the bodywork that guarantees the durability of the equipment, the 9,050 liters tank has been manufactured in polyester reinforced with fiberglass, so that the corrosion disappears. All the equipment has been introduced in a soundproof cabinet both to protect them and to minimize the noise generated.

The front wash bar is controlled by joysticks installed on the steering wheel and has been integrated under the front of the vehicle achieving a lower turning radius and providing the vehicle with greater versatility to access complicated areas.