6 March, 2019

Delivery of 2 LavaContenedores equipment in Córdoba

27 February, 2019

Delivered two hydrocleaner vehicles for our client Valoriza

These high pressure equipment is intended for special work in the municipalities where the Association of Municipalities Bajo Tietar serves.
25 February, 2019

Ferrovial Estepona delivery

Two new irrigation and washing tanks were delivered to FERROVIAL for the cleaning of the streets of the municipality of Estepona in Málaga. It consists of two hydrostatic drive units with a tank made of steel.
22 February, 2019

Delivered Hidrolimpiador team in Madrid

Delivered hydraulic cleaner to Urbaser, this vehicle will take care of the special cleanings in the streets of the city of Moralzarzal in Madrid.
20 February, 2019

Delivered water cleaning equipment in Estepona, Málaga.

Delivered to FERROVIAL Hidrolimpiador equipment on Piaggio Porter that will carry out special cleanings in the city of Estepona in Málaga. It has a tool cabinet and all the equipment is portable, giving the vehicle great versatility.
18 February, 2019

Delivery of two new DRAKOS in South Africa

Delivered 2 new DRAKOS for the cleaning of the solar thermal plant of Parabolic Cylinder Collectors of Kathu Solar Park built in South Africa by Acciona and Sener.
15 February, 2019

Support for the washing of Estepona on Piaggio

FERROVIAL reinforces its fleet of vehicles in Estepona with the addition of two support teams to wash on piaggio porter. They are special equipment equipped with polyester tank with 600L capacity and self-priming pump.
13 February, 2019

Delivery in Arrecife, Lanzarote

Delivered URBASER hydrocleaner equipment, this vehicle will take care of special cleanings in the streets of the city of Arrecife in Lanzarote.