It already operates at full capacity in Badajoz the LavaContainers of rear cargo acquired by PROMEDIO

This vehicle has been designed to wash inner and outer containers of up to 1,100 liters complying with EN-840-1, 840-2 and 840-3.
Its main features are:
• Water tank made of steel of 12,000 liters
• Soundproof cabinet that allows you to work at a maximum of 87 dB and protects the equipment increasing its useful life.
• Clean at maximum performance at only 900 rpm, which reduces vehicle consumption and noise generated.
• It has two heads of own manufacture for internal cleaning, which reduce the maintenance of existing commercial references to date.
• Incorporates a high pressure lance for auxiliary cleaning tasks and equipment for the lifting of underground containers
Feniks has achieved a complete, low maintenance, efficient and compact vehicle.